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Nómada Ediciones is an independent publisher focused on visual narratives about geographies. We produce artist's books, zines, cartographies and drawings limited editions.
We give a special attention to natural environments, understanding them as identities in the form of atmospheres or spirits, instead of stories’ passive scenarios where physical and intimate explorations help us tunning into their own voice.
Our artists/authors have a strong link to the particular geography they explore and interpret which goes beyond national boundaries. We focus on drawing as a universal language and its power to communicate emotionally. Through the visual narratives and different scales of territories represented, Nómada looks to re-signify and re-imagine the present world from a poetic and caring way towards nature.
In addition to its publications, Nómada also carries out workshops aimed for children and local people in rural areas in Latin America, focusing in Colombia, where it is based.
Adriana Rosell, Neblinas, Nomada Ediciones, 2020 © Adriana Rosell

The mist rises and separates from the ground to form scattered clouds, revealing and configuring the planes of the landscape partially or gradually. It narrows the ability to see and recognize places; it hides and reveals them when the temperature rises and the sun's rays become visible.

The Paramos carry the fundamental meteorological phenomenon in the processing and storing water in the high mountain ecosystem. The Andes Mountain range makes up approximately 80% of the paramos in the world, an ecosystem currently highly threatened by mega-mining projects, urbanization, and climate change.

This publication by the Venezuelan artist Adriana Rosell is inspired by her expeditions of the Páramo Verjón Alto (Cundinamarca, Colombia).

14,8 x 21 cm

56 pages


Mapa Ilustrado del Golfo de Tribugá
Mapa Ilustrado del Golfo de Tribugá, Nomada Ediciones, 2020

The Illustrated Map of the Gulf of Tribuga seeks to represent this territory from its interior, its exuberance and diversity, reflected in its marine and terrestrial species (including some endemic that are yet to be discovered, named or classified). Afro and indigenous communities coexist here with eachother, with their traditions, music and myths that recall the mystical and inexplicable dimension of reality, triggered by the same natural exuberance.

Project by Naturaleza Profunda,Expedición Tribugá and Nómada Ediciones. Illustrations by Mónica Naranjo Uribe.

70 x 50 cm

Perspectiva ideal de Poleka-Kasue / Cartografía del Volcán Nevado Santa Isabel
Natalia Castañeda Arbeláez, Perspectiva ideal de Poleka-Kasue / Cartografía del Volcán Nevado Santa Isabel, Nomada Ediciones, 2021 © Natalia Castañeda Arbeláez

Ideal Perspective of Poleka-Kasue (ancestral name of the Nevado Santa Isabel Volcano) is a cartography of the glacier at the lowest altitude in Colombia and the one that presents the most accelerated melting. The map offers a graphical interpretation of the mountainous topography that the glacier's retreat has left exposed, to observe the dynamics of the ever-changing frozen bodies of water on the eroded rock. It documents the current seven glacier relicts, including some details of the ecosystem and instruments used for climate monitoring and the accelerated transformation of the glacier. Ideal perspective refers to the methodology used by the Chorographic Commission of Colombia in the nineteenth century in landscape illustrations, whose frames propose an imagined perspective with which to better understand the Andean geography. One side of the map corresponds to the view on the western side and the other side of the map to the eastern side. Project made in collaboration with Jorge Luis Ceballos, Colombian glaciologist.

99 x 69 cm (open)

23 x 16.5 cm (folded)