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AVARIE + Labor Neunzehn

Paris-Berlin based independent publisher, founded in 2012 by Giuliana Prucca, specializing in contemporary art books and exploring the relationship between texts and images. AVARIE sees books as a space of creation and research that results from a close collaboration with the artist and the graphic designer. Through a dynamic montage of different materials (photography, film, performance, writing, drawing), publications reflect an interest in the transversality of disciplines and in the subversive potential of the image to short-circuit the representation and question the book form by making it a place for experimentation. Since 2021, together with Labor Neunzehn in Berlin, AVARIE curates KAMERA SERIES | experimental films and printed matter, a screening program and exhibition of moving images, video art works and artists' books in a former GDR building in Berlin, focusing on critical exchanges about contemporary image making. Labor Neunzehn is an artist-run project engaged in a cross-disciplinary discourse on time-based-art that involves expanded cinema, modern music, publishing and media art, with a particular attention on the migration of these languages between the online and offline domains.

Spreads from Snaturamenti | a workbook by Flatform on displacement, curated by Giuliana Prucca, co-published by AVARIE and Light Cone éditions, 2022

various, KAMERA CAHIERS, AVARIE + Labor Neunzehn, 2021 © various

Spreads and letterpress covers from Kamera cahiers' issues, curated, designed and published by Giuliana Prucca (AVARIE) and Valentina Besegher Scotti (Labor Neunzehn), series 2021-2022.

various, KAMERA SERIES, AVARIE + Labor Neunzehn, 2021 © various

Overview of Kamera series | experimental films and printed matter, curated by AVARIE and Labor Neunzehn, 2021-2022: a screening program and exhibition of moving images in Berlin, featuring international artists, in dialogue with books and prints.