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Bricks from the Kiln

Bricks from the Kiln doubles as a semi-yearly journal and multifarious publishing platform edited / run between the UK and US by Matthew Stuart and Andrew Walsh-Lister. Established in mid-2015 to support critically minded and explorative writing on and around art, design and literature, to date its output includes numerous editions, soundscapes / broadcasts, live events, exhibitions, a publication of selected writings and six issues of its irregular journal.
In the Bag
Paul Buck, In the Bag, Bricks from the Kiln, 2022, © Paul Buck

Published as a precursor to BFTK#6, ‘In the Bag’ by Paul Buck is a pamphlet / essay / missive about rarities, the out of print, one-offs and those ‘oddities, oddments and ornaments’ that collectors and magpies seek, hoard and lose. Printed and numbered in an edition of 150, each copy comes with a violet insert featuring a photograph of a Gladstone bag by Valentine Day.

Bricks from the Kiln #6
Bricks from the Kiln #6, Bricks from the Kiln, 2023

This instalment of Bricks from the Kiln doubles as issue #6 of the journal and as an exhibition catalogue for the thematic show ‘BFTK#6: Tentative — Incomplete —Inconsistent: A Catalogue of the Disappeared, Destroyed, Lost or Otherwise Inaccessible’. Presenting objects, artworks, artefacts, models, events and animals that no-longer — or never did — exist in physical form, the exhibition explores themes of death, destruction and reincarnation, examining persisting interests in notions of ephemerality and permanence, memory and record, preservation and erasure, creation and reconstruction. How do we remember and memorialise? How is space given to the unrecorded? How do we experience the out of reach, concealed, unseen, undiscovered? How can the dematerialised be materialised again, through the mediation of writing, image and sound?

Tentative — Incomplete —Inconsistent
Rachael Allen, Will Harris, Jennifer Hodgson and Emily LaBarge, Tentative — Incomplete —Inconsistent, Bricks from the Kiln, 2023, © Rachael Allen, Will Harris, Jennifer Hodgson and Emily LaBarge

An evening of readings by Rachael Allen, Will Harris, Jennifer Hodgson and Emily LaBarge at Presse Books / Forma HQ in London to mark / celebrate / circulate the sixth appearance of the irregular annual(ish) journal BRICKS FROM THE KILN. The event was accompanied by a mix-tape and 35-mm slide presentation.