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'bring your own book' is a collective that started as a student initiative at the Gerrit Rietveld academie in 2021. Since then we have been working on an interdisciplinary programme around self-publishing, activated through events, lectures, workshops and book fairs.

From posters to books to zines and cards, some serious, some silly, some hard-covered, some soft, and some surprisingly furry; we have created a fair for everyone engaged in diy, self-publishing to show or sell their work.

We focus on community building and bringing together works of makers that are present throughout the production process, acting as a source of inspiration, a place for experimentation, and a connective tissue between different practices and people. byob hopes to encourage makers and appreciators of printed matter to seek one another out and to give each other's work some well-deserved attention and appreciation.
Archive pictures
bring your own book, Archive pictures, byob, 2023 © bring your own book

An overview of books we have in our recent archive from participants of the bring your own book fair in May 2023

3rd byob fair
byob, 3rd byob fair, byob, 2023 © byob

The 3rd edition of the bring your own book fair in the Glass Pavilion of the Rietveld academie in May 2023. In the picture you can see books of participants, custom made furniture for the fair by Ran-Re Reimann and visitors.

bring your own book fair participants
byob, bring your own book fair participants, byob / Gerrit Rietveld academie, 2023 © byob

bring your own book collective thanking all participants and organisers of the fair in May 2023. Susu Lee, Augustinas Milkus, Nemo, Sophia Xu, Jordi de Vetten