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Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Working with paper, text, typography, images and covers each represents an important element in an artistic approach to the field of book art. One of the tasks here is to render the interaction between word and image visible, to shape it and present it in book form in a manner appropriate to the contents, taking into account fine arts, literature and language concerns. Burg Giebichenstein is the only art school in Germany to offer a specialist course where book design are taught as artistic disciplines.
Today is not the day
Julia Koschler, Today is not the day, 2022 © Julia Koschler

Audre Lorde wrote the poem "Today is not the day" shortly before she died of cancer. Julia's interpretation of the text, like the poem itself, is surprisingly colourful and bright. Even though the book is entirely done in black and white. The combination of soft handmade paper, crisp letterpress print, and the handwritten German translation on transparent paper causes the text to glow.

Various Zines
Finn Hofmann, Various Zines, 2021 © Finn Hofmann

Finn's playful mini-zines are about many different topics. For example dealing with sexual violence, public transport, relationships, anger and loooove and so on. :)

Die Entfernungen
Klara Stange, Die Entfernungen, 2022 © Klara Stange

Klara transformed Philippe Jaccottet's poem »Distances« into a delicate and intricate book object. Its form makes the reader ponder: Can a book be a space? How do I navigate this space? How far is it from one place to another?