Claude Closky and guests – Miss Read

Claude Closky and guests

The table will present publications from Jean-Marc Berguel, Mirtha Dermisache, Julien Nédélec, Laure Prouvost, Eric Tabuchi, Eric Watier, Elsa Werth, Stephen Willats, Heidi Woods, Louis Zerathe and Claude Closky.


On Saturday, September 23, Claude Closky opens the Conceptual Poetics Day with a performative reading: ‘Chaos Breaks Out Special Payout.’
Conception and text: Claude Closky.
Performers: Claude Closky, Shona Stark.


Claude Closky has had a notable artist's book practice, which complements his broader body of work exploring language, communication, and consumer culture.
ChatGPT, August 7th 2023

Closky's artist's books are an important part of his overall artistic practice. They offer a unique perspective on the world we live in, and they challenge our assumptions about the nature of language, communication, and art.
Bard, August 7th 2023
Claude Closky, Bookmark, Paris: Beaux-Arts éditions, 2015 © Claude Closky

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Heidi Woods, They, Paris: self-published, 2021 © Heidi Woods

p. 10-11

2020 Calendar
Elsa Werth, 2020 Calendar, Dijon: Adhex, 2020 © Elsa Werth

p. 6-7

Eric Watier, Fantôme, Montpellier: self-published, 2006 © Eric Watier

p. 10-11

Libro n° 2, 1972
Mirtha Dermisache, Libro n° 2, 1972, Reims: Le clou dans le fer; Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche: Centre des livres d’artistes, 2008 © Mirtha Dermisache

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