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Colorama is a publishing house and risoprinting studio based in Berlin and run by Johanna Maierski since 2015. Colorama understands publishing as a collaborative, trial-and-error practice and democratic tool to participate in artistic and political discourses. We focus on giving access to knowledge, skills and networks through residency programs and teaching while constantly contemplating our methods and role as a publisher.
Our publications feature the works of current comic- and serial artists, exploring the means of assembling and storytelling.
We see Colorama as part of a wider community or publishers and printers that believe in para-institutional learning, equity and autonomy.
Gritli 2
Hanako Emden and Sophie Florian, Gritli 2, Colorama, 2022, © Hanako Emden and Sophie Florian

Cover of "A Mistake has been made about Heartbreak"

Down Memory Lane
Nygel Panasco, Down Memory Lane, Colorama, 2022, © Nygel Panasco

Cover image.

NYABF 2022
Colorama, NYABF 2022, Colorama, 2022, © Colorama

Setup at the NYABF 2022