COPY – Miss Read


COPY was established in 2010 in Yorkshire, UK, by Joanna Jowett and Charlotte Morgan. COPY commission and publish new work by artists and writers working across broad visual, material, spatial, time-based, research-based or performative practices across a range of fields and disciplines. COPY publications often mark moments of experimentation for contributors who do not regularly create work for the page or for alternative modes of publishing.

Many COPY publications extend beyond the page to occupy different spaces and temporalities, playing with translations, transitions and slippages between content, context design and form and considering the spaces, materials and acts of writing and reading.
Papers, Fictions, Scripts & Circles
COPY/Multiple artists, Papers, Fictions, Scripts & Circles, COPY, 2012 © COPY/Multiple artists

Papers, Fictions, Scripts & Circles Hand bound publication featuring ‘notes’ contributed by the invited guest speakers from talks held during COPY’s residency at Site Gallery Sheffield, along with miniature reproductions of commissioned prints.

Contributing artists: David Berridge / Chloe Brown / Rachel Lois Clapham / Ami Clarke / Emma Cocker / Coracle Press / Patrick Coyle / Jamie Crewe / Daniel Fogarty / Kit Hammonds / Lynn Harris / Jennifer Hodgson / Simon Lewandowski / Louisa Martin / Francis McKee / Fay Nicolson and Oliver Smith / Tamarin Norwood / David Osbaldeston / Alun Rowlands / Nick Thurston

everything but the bathing suit
Alex Sarkisian and Bahar Yürükoğlu, everything but the bathing suit, COPY, 2019 © Alex Sarkisian and Bahar Yürükoğlu

everything but the bathing suit brings together images and text developed throughout the artists’ collaborative practice, which began when they met as ship bunkmates on residency in the Arctic Circle in 2018 and continued while together at an inverse archipelago in Panama.

The book brings cropped and overlayed images of objects, scenes and bodies together with transcribed conversations that veer between critical reflections, descriptions of places and nonsense, to create an ambiguous visual narrative. Exploring confinement, dislocation and voyeurism, the artists’ words capture and distort moments in time throughout their journeys.

Unfold II
Multiple, Unfold II, COPY, 2023 © Multiple

Image shows small section of B2 size concertina folded publication. The Unfold series brings together works that respond to or embody a state of unfolding, interpreted broadly to include the unfolding of personal or collective narratives, unfolding environmental or political conditions, the coming together and unfolding of bodies, or a state of being in process.