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Crisis Editions/Dane Press

Crisis Editions is the publishing program and main artistic output of artist Robin N., it focuses on reproducing and recirculating unprinted, out-of-print or otherwise hard to find materials. Robin's practice is rooted and printmaking and Crisis Editions is a continuation of printmaking's history as a tool of political art and a Robin's own interests in deep politics, obscure cultural artifacts and the semiotics of the real.

Dane Press is the printed aspect of interdisciplinary artist Kitt Peacock's practice. Their work focuses on reparative reading, re-circulating archival material to form new narratives of queerness.

Crisis Editions and Dane Press have appeared in every Vancouver Art Book Fair since 2018, the 2019 Printed Matter Los Angeles and New York Art Book Fairs, the 2022 San Francisco, Tokyo and New York Art Book Fairs. Crisis Editions was also featured in the 2022 Out of Bounds - Summer School for Artist Publishing at the Libby Leshghold Gallery.
Simulacra & Simulation
Robin N., Simulacra & Simulation, Crisis Editions, 2022, © Robin N.

Cover of Simulacra & Simulation, the book is a complete reproduction of French sociologist’s Jean Baudrillard’s 1981 philosophical treatise. The widely available english-version of this book is an incomplete translation.

John Stockwell: Secret Wars of the CIA
Robin N., John Stockwell: Secret Wars of the CIA, Crisis Editions, 2022, © Robin N.

Cover and excerpt from John Stockwell: Secret Wars of the CIA - Revised and Expanded Edition, this book contains a collection of essays written by John Stockwell. This edition also contains additional research and photos not in the previous edition.

Moon Catalogue
Kitt Peacock, Moon Catalogue, Dane Press, 2021, © Kitt Peacock

Cover of Moon Catalogue Vol. 1, which records the last known whereabouts of 50 missing and stolen moon rock fragments from Lunar Sample 70017.