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cruce casa editora

Cruce is an independent publishing platform based in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

We focus our activities on the fields of philosophy, experimental fiction, essayism and art. We work in close collaboration with thinkers and cultural producers who make transversality a strategy to confront and reinvent the new realities of pervasive mediation.

Through our publications we explore the potential of thinking to affirm contemporary cultural production in and outside its conditions of possibility. We seek the shadows and blind spots in current debates and offer timely responses to a more general conversation that can only take the form of a critique of society and a search for possible new ways of life.
Arte y norma
Lars Bang Larsen, Arte y norma, © Lars Bang Larsen
El trabajo del alma
Franco Berardi Bifo, El trabajo del alma, © Franco Berardi Bifo
Tienda de ramos generales Kelly Lake
Chris Kraus, Tienda de ramos generales Kelly Lake, © Chris Kraus
La posdata comunista
Boris Groys, La posdata comunista, © Boris Groys
El espectro del capital
Joseph Vogl, El espectro del capital, © Joseph Vogl