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Dolce Publishing

DOLCE is a publishing house based in Athens, which designs, publishes and distributes artists’ books and publications.

DOLCE publications was founded in Athens in 2017 with three main goals in mind: design, produce and distribute artists’ books and publications. Production spans across printed objects, from exhibition catalogues, to posters and collectable independent publications. The value of supporting small self-funded productions, independent artists and young designers, counterparts the collaborations with big organisations and institutions such as the Greek Pavilion-Venice Biennale, the Onassis Foundation, Athens School of Fine Arts and the Institut Français d’ Athènes.

DOLCE regularly organises risoprinting seminars, participates in local and international exhibitions and has received multiple awards in design competitions.
Autoenthography: Life after Folk-life
Ursula-Helen Cassavetes, Autoenthography: Life after Folk-life, DOLCE, 2022, © Ursula-Helen Cassavetes

Autoethnography cover

The Sky Only Welcomes Those With Wings
Bryony Dunne, The Sky Only Welcomes Those With Wings, DOLCE, 2023, © Bryony Dunne
Free Immersion Notes
Myrto Vratsanou, Free Immersion Notes, DOLCE, 2021, © Myrto Vratsanou