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Edition Error

Edition Error dedicates itself since 2019 to the publication of zines and art-books that share the publishers vision of an art that defines itself out of its attitude towards society. The idea of a better world that is possible and the integral part a modern art should play in defining and modelling this vision are the basic belief behind it. So it is natural we focus on zines, comic-books and very special cataloques that fly a bit below the mainstreamed radar. In form and content. Although the idea is also to form a kind of a collective in this spirit it is Nadine Fecht and Eric Wunder who established Edition Error and run it as the projects main operators.
hungry ghosts
Serena Ferrario, hungry ghosts, Edition Error, 2022 © Serena Ferrario

Cover of Serena Ferrarios latest Zine.

published 12/22

dark matter
Knut Eckstein, dark matter, Edition Error, 2022 © Knut Eckstein

zine-multiple from Knut Eckstein with each magazine assembled individually from used newspaper-pages and an unique art-print included. published 12/22

Introducing Angerman
Eric Wunder, Introducing Angerman, Edition Error, 2022 © Eric Wunder

Double-page from Eric Wunders meta-comic, that explores the possibilities of a conceptual comic art in the strictest sense.