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Edizione Multicolore

Edizione Multicolore e.V. is a platform for self-determined publishing and a space for equal & processual collaboration between artists and us. Every otheryear we work with a new round of artists who realize individual publication projects with us. We are a non-profit organzisation.

Since 2021 we have a cooperation with Texte zum Nachdenken from Zürich (Benedikt Bock).

Dana Lorenz and Fine Bieler currently form the board. Edizione Multicolore is based in Leipzig & Berlin, DE.
OK bin da
Larissa Rosa Lackner, OK bin da, Edizione Multicolore, 2023 © Larissa Rosa Lackner

The Cover of the artist publication "OK bin da" by Larissa Rosa Lackner.

Vanessa A. Opoku & Lion Sauerleuter, Techne-Mythologies, Edizione Multicolore, 2022 © Vanessa A. Opoku & Lion Sauerleuter

“Techne-Mythologies” is an artist book that includes an essay by the artist Vanessa A. Opoku and several artworks, of which 5 were exclusively made for the publication.

In “Techne-Mythologies. Topophilia, Identity and Virtuality — the Attempt of Self-empowerment through World-Building” the artist reflects on playing computer games, the connection between people and the creation of their surroundings, her family and their history of migration, and virtual worlds as spaces of empowerment. The essay and the artworks are weaved together by Lion Sauterleute's design, that outspokenly embraces the digital aesthetic.

(Image describtion: The cover of Techne-Mythologies)