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michalis pichler

Michalis Pichler is a Berlin-based artist, primarily operating independent from the commercial gallery system, and a founder and organizer of Miss Read and Conceptual Poetics Day. Pichler’s works often make use of found and pre-used material. He both uses pages as canvases and canvases as pages for art works.
Self-portrait as someone else
Michalis Pichler, Self-portrait as someone else, 2023 © Michalis Pichler

Oil on Canvas, 67x 80cm (twice)
The painted book depicted in front of the painted mirror features another "self-portrait as someone else". In this case, presumably, as Cavafy. (see next image)

Michalis Pichler, ΠΟΙΗΜΑ(ΤΑ), Athens: Agra Publications, Berlin: "greatest hits", 2022 © Michalis Pichler

ΠΟΙΗΜΑ(ΤΑ) feature a poem originally written by Kavafis, rewritten in 44 variations. These variations encourage the reader to engage in double readings and multiple comparative readings. By carving out minimal and infinitesimal differences, language is sculpted.