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EECLECTIC – Digital Publishing for Visual Culture

EECLECTIC is a publishing project for digital publications in the field of visual culture in Berlin. Since 2018, we are creating e-books that intertwine art, photography, city, politics, society, feminism and film. Artistic narratives and practices of artistic research are at the heart of our publications. They reflect our publishing interest in a differentiated perception and mediation.

Together with authors, artists and editors, we develop e-books that explore the media potential of digital publishing. Our goal is to create publications that are as clear and relevant as their content. We see the rapid and global digital dissemination of our e-books as an additional opportunity to make pressing issues more public and to activate diverse discourses.
Annette Kisling, Verplaatst, EECLECTIC, 2023 © Annette Kisling, EECLECTIC

In the digital publication Verplaatst, artist Annette Kisling captures Rotterdam’s urban transformation photographically while describing the city’s social transformation. Kisling’s artistic oeuvre includes numerous photographic series that reflect her exploration of the multi-layered meaning of the architecture that surrounds us.
With Verplaatst, an extensive photographic series has been created that gives a complex impression of the city’s development. The publication of the same name comprises a selection of 174 photographs that Kisling has compiled especially for the e-book.

Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants
Emma Wolf-Haugh, Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants, EECLECTIC, 2022 © Emma Wolf-Haugh, EECLECTIC

First monograph of writing by visual artist Emma Wolf-Haugh interconnecting performative works, performance scripts and assemblage texts. Part of the series “Scriptings: Political Scenarios”

Cold Lens as a Filter
Jana Müller, Cold Lens as a Filter, EECLECTIC, 2023 © Jana Müller, EECLECTIC

This publication is a search for traces by visual artist Jana Müller who explores the material dimensions of photography in expansive mixed-media installations. Cold Lens as a Filter brings together Jana Müller’s works from 2001 to 2023 and makes the complexity of her artistic research visible and tangible through various forms of media. Her photographic practice is an inventory of real and fictional events that address claims of the legal and artistic truth of objects.

X Properties
Joerg Franzbecker, Naomi Hennig, Florian Wüst, X Properties, EECLECTIC, 2022 © Joerg Franzbecker, Naomi Hennig, Florian Wüst, EECLECTIC

Berliner Hefte zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der Stadt #11. X Properties verhandelt die Wirkmacht des Finanzkapitals über die soziale und kulturelle Produktion von Stadt, ihre Beziehungsweisen und Subjekte.

Eine flexible Frau – Drehbuch und Materialien
Tatjana Turanskyj, Eine flexible Frau – Drehbuch und Materialien, EECLECTIC, 2022 © Tatjana Turanskyj, EECLECTIC

Drehbuch des ersten Teils der „Frauen und Arbeit“-Trilogie mit Filmausschnitten und einem Vorwort von Angela McRobbie