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einBuch.haus is a project gallery based in Berlin. The central exhibition ethos is to showcase a book in the form of an exhibition (in German: “Ein Buch in Form einer Ausstellung”) thereby transferring the form of a book into three-dimensional spaces.

The exhibition programme features international artists and designers whose work responds to the medium of artists’ books. Starting from the content and material production of a book, einBuch.haus collaborates with the artists to develop the exhibition into various media and
presentations. With an interdisciplinary approach, the programme highlights and enhances both the visual and tactile aspects of the reading experience.

Since 2022, einBuch.haus has also been operating as a publishing house and publishing exhibitions in book format.
Jonathan Monk, OLD BERLIN POSTERS, einBuch.haus, 2023 © Jonathan Monk

In this project, Jonathan Monk refers to the publication 'OLD VIENNA POSTERS' by Martin Kippenberger, published by the Grazer Kunstverein in 1992. Kippenberger’s book is composed of a poster board divided into A4 pages, originally on view in Graz, which in turn depicts the space of a Viennese bar with advertising posters.

For the artists’ book 'OLD BERLIN POSTERS' Monk uses his own collection of German movie posters as a direct reference to Kippenberger’s series 'Dear Painter, Paint Me' (1981). For the series, Kippenberger had had photographs painted by a then unknown movie poster painter named Werner. Monk took this as an opportunity to visit a movie poster gallery in Berlin and collect all the movie posters from the period 1979-1981 that were available there at that moment. These 18 posters purchased by Monk could in turn also have been painted by Werner for Berlin cinemas, and are thus indirectly connected to Kippenberger’s project.

How to Book in Berlin
Editor: Jae Kyung Kim & Anna Schanowski, How to Book in Berlin, einBuch.haus, 2023 © Editor: Jae Kyung Kim & Anna Schanowski

'How to Book in Berlin (einBuch.haus 2023)' serve as comprehensive guides to bookmaking and publishing, offering insights we wished we had when we were starting out. They include information on research methods, funding strategies, production techniques and distribution approaches, all underpinned by the perspectives and advice of experienced publishers.

With generous contributions by Vanessa Adler (Argobooks), Franziska Brandt & Moritz Grünke (Gloria Glitzer & We Make It), Ipek Burçak (Well Gedacht Publishing), Andreas Bülhoff (sync.ed), Jonas von Lenthe (Wirklichkeit Books), Anja Lutz (The Green Box), Johanna Maierski (Colorama), Thomas Monses (Melo Melo Print), Rada Nastai (bruise studio), Michalis Pichler (MISS READ), Nina Prader (Lady Liberty Press), Malte Spindler (Lucky Punch Press), Claudia de la Torre (backbonebooks), Martijn in ‘t Veld (Happy Potato Press)

Architecture is Frozen Music
Laure Catugier, Architecture is Frozen Music, einBuch.haus, Naima Editions, 2022 © Laure Catugier

'Architecture is Frozen Music' presents Catugier’s work on Indigo-printed pages, hand-bounded from multiple directions. The publication is intended to be viewed in various orientations, with endless combinations possible by overlapping the pages. The book’s structure is built according to ‘Open Form’ theory by the Polish Modernist Architect Oksar Hansen. The artist book is presented with unique covers, fragment cut in blueback paper prints displayed at her previous exhibitions. The materiality of the cover connects the interaction with a book object to the latent memories of the exhibitions.

Algorithmus und Intuition
Mareike Jacobi, Algorithmus und Intuition, einBuch.haus, 2023 © Mareike Jacobi

Mareike Jacobi’s drawings explore the interplay of algorithm and intuition. Using rules and diced numbers, she begins with a pattern of crosses. As she draws, she discovers both conscious and unconscious rules, giving rise to her unique visual language. In her publication “Algorithm and Intuition”, Jacobi invites others to draw based on her rules, compiling the resulting drawings in a handmade slipcase.

° Artists’ book as a portable exhibition
° Drawings

Calendar 2023
VV.AA, Calendar 2023, einBuch.haus, 2022 © VV.AA

The exhibition Calendar 2023 is a homage to the exhibition March 1969 by Seth Siegelaub. The invitation text above is amended from his letter. Participating artists were invited to present any relevant work regarding the “calendar” and their assigned month. Through this project, einBuch.haus aims to connect contemporary artists who use the “book” as their main artistic practice.

Sebastián Arancibia and Sebastián Barrante, Fernanda Aránguiz M., Laura Fusaro and Edoardo Ferrari, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Na Kim, antoine lefebvre editions, Anja Lutz, Miguel Ângelo Martins and Laura Pilar Delgado, An Onghena, Claudia de la Torre, Robin Waart, Rahel Zoller

Concept: Jae Kyung Kim & Claudia de la Torre