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Falschrum Books

Falschrum Books is a not-for-profit publisher, founded in 2019 in Berlin. Operating at the intersection of art, literature and research, its goal is to connect languages, discourses, and people, through collaborations between authors and artists of different backgrounds. In particular, Falschrum promotes dialogue between Arab-speaking and Western audiences. To this end, Falschrum specializes in bilingual publications, translating English and German prose and poetry into Arabic, as well as Arabic texts of different genres into European languages.

Beautifully designed, well-made, and illustrated by internationally acclaimed artists, Falschrum books are at the forefront of bilingual publishing.

Falschrum invests every cent that it makes from the sale and distribution of its books into the production of more books, and the organization of events designed to gather Berlin’s diverse communities and cultural trajectories under the banner of art and literature.
Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art and Literature
Stefan Maneval / Jennifer A. Reimer (eds), Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art and Literature, Falschrum, 2022 © Stefan Maneval / Jennifer A. Reimer (eds)

Forms of Migration explores the potential of literary and aesthetic forms of expression to shape our understanding of transnational migration processes. Addressing im/migrant forms of expression around the globe, this rich, illustrated collection includes poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, analyses of diasporic fashion, cinema, and mixed media installations, as well as performances turned into writing, photographic work, collages, and drawings. Emphasizing the diversity of migrant experiences, the book was published in four different colours (red, green, blue, grey).

The Text / النص
Nora Amin (Author), Katharina Marszewski (Artist), The Text / النص, Falschrum, 2021 © Nora Amin (Author), Katharina Marszewski (Artist)

In her long poem The Text, Nora Amin uses a surrealistic form of poetic writing to deconstruct gender roles, sexual trauma and patriarchal authority, while composing a humane story of creation.

This book is the result of a collaboration between Amin, the visual artist Katharina Marszewski, and the graphic design studio Eps51. Marszewski responded to The Text by creating cryptic drawings that reveal the movements central to Amin’s choreographic poetry. Bilingual script and artwork interpenetrate in Eps51’s unique design, which allows readers to determine the reading direction of the book, depending on their preferred language (Arabic/English).

Zwischen zwei Abgründen / على شفير هاويتين
Abdullah Alqaseer (author), Nikolaus Faßlrinner (artist), Zwischen zwei Abgründen / على شفير هاويتين, Falschrum, 2022 © Abdullah Alqaseer (author), Nikolaus Faßlrinner (artist)

While Ataya talks about the war in Syria and his escape to Germany in front of the camera of a documentary filmmaker, the boundaries between reality, magic and fantasy become blurred. “On the Edge of Two Abysses" impressively tells of empathy and trauma, of arriving in a foreign country and of the past lingering on in the present. In this handmade, Arabic-German leporello, the colored drawings by the artist Nikolaus Faßlrinner form an expressive panorama in front of which Ataya's complex memories unfold.