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Fantôme Verlag

Fantôme stands for astonishing hybrids of science and pastiche, documentary and fantasy, abstraction and worldliness, for fluid, almost imperceptible transitions between visual art, architecture, photography, film, music, media history, cultural studies, literature, research, and pop. Since its foundation in 2001, Fantôme Verlag has been putting out artist books, catalogs, monographs, essay collections, anthologies, novels, and vinyl editions. The program, shaped by international artists, authors, and editors, includes publications by Matias Bechtold, Ursula Bogner, Bruno S., Tina Born, Astrid Busch, Louise Bristow, DAG, T.J. Demos, Cordula Daus, Heinrich Dubel, Martin Eberle, Jorn Ebner, Dennis Fuchs, Heike Gallmeier, Tina Haber, Alekos Hofstetter, Irène Hug, Jan Jelinek, Thomas Kapielski, Frank Maier, Teresa Mayr, Bettina Munk & Malte Spohr, O.J.A.I.(Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Can "Khan" Oral, Andreas Seltzer, Ina Weber, Marcus Weber, Peter Woelck, and many others.
Die Materie freut sich, Happy Matter
Dennis Fuchs, Die Materie freut sich, Happy Matter, Fantôme Verlag, 2023 © Dennis Fuchs

Cover of calendar by Dennis Fuchs

"Die Materie freut sich, Happy Matter"

Tannhäuser Tor III
Alekos Hofstetter, Tannhäuser Tor III, Fantôme Verlag, 2024 © Alekos Hofstetter

Cover from the catalogue "Tannhäuser Tor III"

by Alekos Hofstetter

DAG, extrafein, Fantôme Verlag, 2023 © DAG

Cover of the catalogue "extrafein"

with drawings by DAG

seit wir game of thrones kucken, liege ich auf dem bauch
Teresa Mayr, seit wir game of thrones kucken, liege ich auf dem bauch, Fantôme Verlag, 2024 © Teresa Mayr

Cover of the catalogue "seit wir game of thrones kucken, liege ich auf dem bauch" by Teresa Mayr