FELDER BOOKS BERLIN is an independent publisher of art, design and children’s books, comics and zines. The publishing house was founded in September 2022 by Britt Müller and Winnes Rademächers in Berlin. The projects are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and minimalism.
FELDER BOOKS BERLIN has published the picture books “Kritzel”, “Doodle” and “Heb mal ein Bein!”, the comics “Copy Shop” and “Tiki Berlin” and the art book “All the photos • Berlin”. In addition six booklets and zines are published so far in the FELDER MINI series: “I’ve known Rivers", “Ring Ring”, “Masccots” and “Out of Order” (2022), “Can I borrow your logo?” and “Musterung” (2023).
Out of Order
Britt Müller/Winnes Rademächers, Out of Order, Felder Books Berlin, 2023 © Britt Müller/Winnes Rademächers

Deskjet-Printers are cheap. And sometimes even for free. Like the printers on Berlin streets. Why the printer tray is often pulled open remains a mystery. OUT OF ORDER shows deskjet printers we photographed in Berlin over a period of one year.

Heb mal ein Bein!
Britt Müller/Winnes Rademächers, Heb mal ein Bein!, Felder Books Berlin, 2022 © Britt Müller/Winnes Rademächers

The picture book HEB MAL EIN BEIN! asks questions like ”Who speaks in a book?” or ”When do pictures come to life?” It was awarded by the Stiftung Buchkunst as one of the 25 most beautiful German books of 2023. The jury wrote: “This book sets an example of the limitless expressiveness of visual imagination.”

Winnes Rademächers, Mascots, Felder Books Berlin, 2022 © Winnes Rademächers

All 15 world cup mascots ”World Cup Willie“ to ”La’eeb“ in one booklet. Only the ball is missing. Watercolor paintings by Winnes Rademächers. 2-colored riso printing.