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FLEE Project

Founded by Olivier Duport, Alan Marzo and Carl Åhnebrink, FLEE is an independent publishing house, record label and curatorial platform dedicated to the documentation and artistic reinterpretation of hybrid cultural phenomena. Defending a transdisciplinary practice, the platform explores and creatively highlights the contours of globalization from a historical and critical perspective. Oscillating between different subjects and disciplines, from music to architecture, the collective pursues an inclusive working method, privileging diverse and varied points of view.
Sid Williams playing
Olivier Duport, Sid Williams playing, FLEE, 2023 © Olivier Duport

Zydeco music legend Sid Williams playing his accordion in his one-stop shop in the outskirts of Lafayette, Louisiana

Book and Record of
FLEE, Book and Record of "Leva Leva", FLEE, 2022 © FLEE

Mockup of the latest multimedia project by FLEE "Leva Leva, Litanies of the Portuguese Fishermen", focusing on the lives and changes of the working class in the south of Portugal during the time of fisheries and now mass tourism.

Musicians gathering to perform in Bahrain
Olivier Duport, Musicians gathering to perform in Bahrain, FLEE, 2021 © Olivier Duport

At this gathering, musicians gather and play Fijiri music, a style inherited from the slaves that were diving for pearls before the discovery of Oil in the Persian Gulf.