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FUKT Magazine is an award-winning annual publication entirely dedicated to contemporary drawing and illustration. Filled with artists’ interviews, essays, and artworks, it acts as a platform and laboratory for international emerging and established artists. With a distinctive visual emphasis, each issue revolves around a particular theme. The magazine was established in Norway in 1999 by the visual artist and editor Bjørn Hegardt. Now based in Berlin and Oslo, it comes without ads and with a unique cover by the creative director Ariane Spanier who co-edits and designs the magazine.
FUKT Magazine #20 - The Faces Issue
Editor: Björn Hegardt, Design: Ariane Spanier, FUKT Magazine #20 - The Faces Issue, 2022 © Editor: Björn Hegardt, Design: Ariane Spanier


Images from Bangkok Art Book Fair (2022)
Images from Bangkok Art Book Fair (2022), 2022

From Bangkok Art Book Fair (2022), wall and drawings. With the faces issue we encouraged the visitors to do portraits, which were mounted on the wall.

FUKT Magazine #19 - Storylines
FUKT Magazine #19 - Storylines, 2020


FUKT #21 - The Unknown Issue
FUKT #21 - The Unknown Issue, 2023