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Happy Potato Press

The Happy Potato Press is the publishing platform from Dutch artist Martijn in 't Veld. Since 2019, we have been putting out books, prints, printed matter and other potatoes, that sit somewhere between graphic design, poetry and children books. Among our titles are cook books with one ingredient recipes, collections of weather obituaries from famous artists, writers and musicians, dark haiku-like poems written on the soles of socks, and many more. Most books are produced by hand in our studio in Berlin in a limited edition.
Apple Poems
Martijn in 't Veld, Apple Poems, Happy Potato Press, 2022 © Martijn in 't Veld

We have been doing some apple cultivating lately, and proudly present you our first harvest — Among the varieties in this zine you’ll find apple cultivars such as Thug Life, The Show Must Go On, People Die or One Day You Will Understand plus a bunch of other fruit (we even got watermelons!). If you’re curious about their taste before you sink your teeth in; no worries, all varieties come with a brief and practical description — Poetic, sometimes cryptic, but you’ll get the taste.

One Ingredient Recipes
Martijn in 't Veld, One Ingredient Recipes, Happy Potato Press, 2019 © Martijn in 't Veld

Recipes so simple you don’t even need to eat them. Learn how to take selfies with your mouth full of bananas, go on a blind date with a pear, or see acrobats perform stunts inside a cucumber. If these dishes don’t make you full, they will surely make you smile.

Sock Poems
Martijn in 't Veld, Sock Poems, Happy Potato Press, 2020 © Martijn in 't Veld

Sock Poems is a collection of twenty-four poems handwritten on the soles of socks (size 43-46), which were subsequently worn, scanned, and printed at a 1:1 scale. This third edition of fifty pieces is hand-bound, and features a sew-on label with title and info on the cover.