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hesign berlin/hangzhou

Founded in Berlin in 2002, hesign is a professional team specializing in graphic design. Its works include publishing, design and curation.

In the past 20 years hesign grew through self-fulfillment and self-competition. hesign insists on originality, welcomes experiments, and refuses repetition. These principles enable hesign to constantly bring forth new ideas in a variety of styles. Prolific with outstanding original designs, hesign flourishes at the forefront of graphic design.

hesign is committed to promoting its values in graphic design through publishing and curation to the public. In the present day, technology and media have grown unprece- dentedly powerful. They are sometimes given an excessive amount of credit that the aesthetics and creativity brought by graphic design are overshadowed. Therefore, hesign feels the urge to make publications and curate exhibitions that call attention to the history of graphic design, hopefully providing insight into both design and life in general.
Daydream: Jumping He
Jianping He, Daydream: Jumping He, Hesign, 2021 © Jianping He