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Ruby Press is a publishing house specializing on architecture and urbanism based in Berlin. It was founded in 2008 by Ilka & Andreas Ruby after 8 years of work in architecture, urbanism, and art publishing as authors, editors and curators with their office textbild. They founded Ruby Press to harness new critical potentials in architectural publishing beyond the coffee table book. Providing editing and publishing services, Ruby Press both initiates and curates projects. The publisher-editor hybrid allows content to be processed and published with great efficiency. Closely collaborating with the graphic design agency Something Fantastic Ruby Press has developed a story-telling approach to architectural communication that engages textual and visual elements in a complementary way. Consciously overriding the stereotypical formulas of the text-only theory book as well as the all-image image portfolio, the books of Ruby Press aim to make the theoretical discourse of architecture sensual while anchoring its visual representation in a coherent conceptual framework. For that reason Ruby Press books boost a versatile culture of the architectural drawing as a prime tool to both describe and celebrate architectural space.
Besser als neu
David Vaner, Ilka Ruby, Besser als neu, Ruby Press, 2023 © David Vaner, Ilka Ruby


How to not demolish a building
51N4E, l'AUC, How to not demolish a building, Ruby Press, 2023 © 51N4E, l'AUC
Seven Questions
Jan De Vylder, Annamaria Prandi / ETH Studio, Seven Questions, Ruby Press, 2022 © Jan De Vylder, Annamaria Prandi / ETH Studio
Berlin Maps
Sebastian Felix Ernst, Jonas Tratz, FAKT, Berlin Maps, Ruby Press, 2023 © Sebastian Felix Ernst, Jonas Tratz, FAKT

second edition finally available :-)

Housing the Co-op
Sascha Delz, Rainer Hehl, Patricia Ventura, Housing the Co-op, Ruby Press, 2022 © Sascha Delz, Rainer Hehl, Patricia Ventura