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HfG of Books

Hfg Of Books, shows mainly books that were created in the courses or as free projects in the book workshop of the Hfg Offenbach.
The precondition for the development of artistic and design book and paper projects of the students is the knowledge of the technical possibilities and the size of the scope in the implementation. Material and the processing of an object/work of art transport information, which is why the right form and material must be tested and found in the process of implementing ideas.

We will show a wide range of different Books: From Zines, to Photobooks, to Artbookprojecs.
Forschungssatellit Hochschulverlag
Groupprojekt, Forschungssatellit Hochschulverlag, Hfg Of Books, 2022 © Groupprojekt

The Picture shows a group Projekt from last Semester. Its a box full of little ephemera, one by each participating Student and a booklet that containes several articles about how to create a publishing house.

ich seh' kein außen
Annika Grabold, ich seh' kein außen, Hfg Offenbach, 2022 © Annika Grabold

In her artistic as well as theoretical work, Annika Grabold attempts to come into a relationship with her discomfort that has developed in the course of her art studies in relation to the profession of the artist.

In the book, she negotiates common questions about an authentic life, success and failure, dependencies and inequality of opportunity in the art business, as well as the generation of value and the relationship between art and work, in conversations with nine other artists on the threshold of entering the profession. In addition to this text, which consists of collaged fragments of conversations, nine (self-)portraits of the interlocutors reflect on their own performance within their role as artists.

Bild Titel
Paul Wontorra, Bild Titel, Hfg of books/ Paul Wontorra, 2023 © Paul Wontorra

Paul Wontorra's book "Bild Titel" was made during the last semester in which we dealt with the topic of "work".

Paul's book consists of two parts that can be browsed independently. He contrasts his photographs with headlines from major daily newspapers that revolve around the world of work. In the interplay between image and text, new combinations emerge, which very humorously underline the absurdity of the newspaper headlines.