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Hello, my name is Nanda, owner of Korazon.
I am a Peruvian woman* who migrated to Germany back in 2016. In Lima I studied fashion design and in Germany (Oldenburg) I studied Materielle Kultur: Textil and Gender studies. I moved to Berlin in July 2019.

I started this Magazine back in 2020 (Published 2021) because I saw that there was a lack of magazines, publications that would include migrant/diasporic voices made from migrant people. Korazon was made with the goal of connecting this voices with the people who really need to read about this non-western/non-white gaze subjects and also at the same time educating the white gaze in a form, that they can learn about new stuff without having to have this information "translated" for them. Making them be in "the others" shoes.
This magazine is inspired in the magazine AMAUTA from peruvian marxist and great thinker José Carlos Mariátegui first published in 1926.

The diversity of authors Korazon has compiled are so rich and the way the authors express themselves is deep and lovely.
Now Korazon is going to have its 2nd Issue in Miss Read.
Korazon, RAMONA, 2023 © Nanda María, Flora Nómada

This is the cover of the second edition of Korazon with the drawing of argentinian artist Flora Nómada

RaMoNa, 2021

Fotografía made by Silvana Tello