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kuš! is a comics publisher from Latvia founded in Riga in 2007. It is most well known for its signature pocket-sized anthologies and its mini-kuš! series, both made by skilled Latvian and international artists, each issue centering around a certain theme. The aims of kuš! are to popularize comics in a country where this medium is practically non-existent and to promote Latvian comics abroad.
Rebel Rebel
Samplerman, Martins Zutis, Disa Wallander, Rebel Rebel, Kuš!, 2022, © Samplerman, Martins Zutis, Disa Wallander

'Rebel, Rebel' Kuš! 15 year anniversary exhibition at LOW gallery Riga

š! #45 'Rebel Rebel'
Zody Burke, š! #45 'Rebel Rebel', Kuš!, 2022, © Zody Burke

Cover of comics anthology š! #45 'Rebel Rebel' by Zody Burke

Ivo Puiupo, Synapses, Kuš!, 2022, © Ivo Puiupo

Cover of comics collection 'Synapses' by Ivo Puiupo