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Lolli Editions

Lolli Editions is an independent publisher based at Somerset House in London. We publish radical and formally innovative fiction that challenges existing ideas and breathes new life into the novel form. Our aim is to introduce to the Anglophone world some of the most exciting writers that speak to our shared culture in new and compelling ways, from Europe and beyond.
Kristina Carlson, EUNUCH, Lolli Editions, 2023 © Kristina Carlson

Front cover image of EUNUCH by Kristina Carlson, translated from Finnish by Mikko Alapuro. Designed by Dorte Limkilde.

Amalie SMoth, THREAD RIPPER, Lolli Editions, 2022 © Amalie SMoth

Front cover image of THREAD RIPPER by Amalie Smith, translated from Danish by Jennifer Russell. Designed by Line-Gry Hørup.

Duncan Wiese, TITYRUS, Lolli Editions, 2023 © Duncan Wiese

Front cover image of TITYRUS by Duncan Wiese, translated from Danish by Max Minden Ribeiro and Sam Riviere. Designed by Studio Ard.