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M BOOKS is an independent publisher focusing on architecture and related fields. We are committed to an understanding of architecture as a form of “public art”. Accordingly, we aim to disseminate expert knowledge gained through research and practical design to a broader public. In that sense, we apply high standards both to the content and formal design of our publications.
Our books focus on monographs of buildings and architects, as well as monothematic collections involving project-related collaboration with authors, architects, artists, designers and photographers.
M BOOKS is especially dedicated to themes ranging from late Modernity to Postmodernity in general and more specifically to the architecture of Eastern Europe and the GDR. The programme is complemented by publications on relevant theoretical positions and practical design stances, as well as historical considerations.
Typology of Intimacy
Francisco Moura Veiga (Ed.), Typology of Intimacy, M BOOKS, 2022 © Francisco Moura Veiga (Ed.)

Cover of the publication "Typology of Intimacy"

Martina Baum, Markus Vogl (Eds.), Täglich, M BOOKS, 2022 © Martina Baum, Markus Vogl (Eds.)

Cover of the publication "Typology of Intimacy"

Das Synagogen-Projekt
photo: Manuel Aust, Das Synagogen-Projekt, Park Books (publisher)/ M BOOKS (gallery), 2022 © photo: Manuel Aust

Outside view of the installation for the presentation of the publication "Das Synagogen-Projekt. Zum Wiederaufbau von Synagogen in Deutschland"