Miriam Jung – Miss Read

Miriam Jung

I like the simultaneity of fact and fiction that is always present in the photographic picture.

My artists' books are based on my own photos, concept and design.

"Erde und all" the most recent one, combines my photos and writing with a collage of appropriated texts that have accompanied me and shaped my thoughts and thinking for a while. It circles around the mind-body problem, illness, language, metaphors and the relation of touch and gaze from a photographic perspective.

Erde und All
Miriam Jung, Erde und All, Miriam Jung, 2023 © Miriam Jung

cover of the artists' book: Erde und All

Looking At
Miriam Jung, Looking At, 2016 © Miriam Jung
The aesthetics of Narcissism
Miriam Jung, The aesthetics of Narcissism, 2018 © Miriam Jung