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No Known Last Address—Artists’ Postcard Edition—I / 000.–012.

First of twelve editions to be released every year for the next twelve years.

Works by Øystein Aasan, Sara Korshøj Christensen, Christine Demias, Mette Edvardsen, Aslak Gurholt, Aaron Krach, Edgar Leciejewski, Micah Lexier, Sveinn Fannar Ohannsson, Claudia de la Torre, Ian Whittlesea, Jessica Williams

Edited by Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Published by Multinational Enterprises
Oslo, Norway: 2023
106 × 148 × 5,6 mm
12 loose cards
Wrapped in dust-jacket (326 × 148 mm)
Edition of 120


I am an artist, self-publisher and artists’ book collector. In 2012 I established Multinational Enterprises as a platform for my publications—exploring different themes within the book format—following and extending the tradition and roots of the artists’ books that emerged in the 1960s. My goal is to be an active part of the publishing community and to present my artists’ books to an international audience of art book lovers.
Inexistent Books VI
VV.AA, Inexistent Books VI, SALONG, 2023 © VV.AA

Installation view from Inexistent Books VI, organized by Jan Steinbach & Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson at SALONG, Oslo.

May. 19th – Jun. 10th 2023

Exploring antimatter, inexistence and invisibility through printed matter.

Opening Friday, May 19, 17:00–20:00

Open Thursday to Saturday from 12:00–18:00 and by appointment

Why + AI + Art
Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Why + AI + Art, Multinational Enterprises, 2023 © Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

Why + AI + Art is a project created by artificial intelligence in collaboration with the artist. The boxed edition consists of 31 loose cards and attempts to challenge the self-reflection of the free research preview of ChatGPT. Starting out with the combination of three words: «Why + AI + Art», Jóhannsson then used one phrase from each response to make a new combination, generating thirty sentences contemplating Artificial Intelligence and its possible role in the making of art today.

This artists’ edition is produced in the traditional format of the postcard, serving as a document from the early stages of the OpenAI language model as of January 2023.

154 × 108 × 11 mm

31 loose cards

Wrapped with belly band in kraft paper cardboard box

Numbered zero to thirty and signed verso by artist

Digital print

Edition of 120

My Name Is
Svenn Fahna Josson, My Name Is, Multinational Enterprises, 2022 © Svenn Fahna Josson

My Name Is is the artists’ autobiography consisting of an indexed compilation of misspellings of his name. The publication presents an array of typos and misprints accumulated throughout his personal and professional life—embodying an imposed interpretation and construction of his identity—by means of second and third party encounters.


French flap on back

105 × 297 × 2 mm

14 pages

Saddle stitched

Digital print

Signed and dated

Print run 200

No Known Last Address—Artists’ Postcard Edition—I
VV.AA., No Known Last Address—Artists’ Postcard Edition—I, Multinational Enterprises, 2023 © VV.AA.