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Nini Sum

Nini Sum is a visionary mixed media artist from Shanghai deeply rooted in the world of screen printing. Her art pushes boundaries and includes experimentation with a diverse range of media such as collage, larger-than-life murals and public art.

Together with the German artist Gregor Koerting, she founded China's first independent screen printing studio IdleBeats in Shanghai in 2010, which became particularly popular in Shanghai's young music and cultural scene.
Nini Sum, MOON MAD, IdleBeats, 2020 © Nini Sum

Exploring feelings and experiences of the sun and moon at different latitudes around the globe and the collisions of sound, culture and technology in these regions, MOON MAD looks at the power of tidal fluctuations caused by the position of the moon, and the effect this has on language, the calendar, art and mythology, as well as the weather and seasons, and the effect this has on the mood and intrinsic energy of an individual as well as a group.

Participating in abC - Art Book In China
Participating in abC - Art Book In China, 2021
Moon Mad 2
Nini Sum, Moon Mad 2, © Nini Sum
Moon Mad 3
Nini Sum, Moon Mad 3, © Nini Sum