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O Book Publisher/Silvestre

O Book Publisher, Erica Overmeer, Artist / Self-publisher. Since 2020 collaborating with the Mexican Artist / Designer / Self-publisher Iván Martínéz of Silvestre.
Silvestre, Iván Martínéz / Artist / Designer / Publisher

PS Last year, we both applied and were selected. Unfortunately, Iván could not leave Mexico due to a lack of Covid-related documents, and I got very ill just before the fair started. We both hope that we can bring our publications this time around.
Felipe Zitecias
Ivan Martinez, Felipe Zitecias, Silvestre, 2022, © Ivan Martinez

Pop Up double Page Felipe Zitecias

Protest or not to Protest
Erica Overmeer, Ivan Martinez, Protest or not to Protest, O Book Publisher, Silb´vestre, 2021, © Erica Overmeer, Ivan Martinez

Open fold double page Protest or not to Protest