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OEI is a Stockholm based magazine for extra-disciplinary spaces and de-disciplinizing moments – experimental forms of thinking, montages of art, poetry, theory, film, and documents; critical investigations, editorial enunciations, non-affirmative writing, infrastructural poetics, archaeologies, new ecologies, and alternative, material historiographies. OEI, started in 1999, has published 101 issues.
The accompanying publishing structure OEI editör has released some hundred titles of investigative poetry, aesthetic documents, bookworks, theoretical and poetological essays. As part of its publishing practice OEI has also organized numerous events: from readings, presentations, lectures and talks to seminars, film screenings and exhibitions.
OEI is an artistic and literary publishing project run by Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg
Bildaktivisterna. Aktioner i bild i svenskt 1960- och 1970-tal
Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg, Bildaktivisterna. Aktioner i bild i svenskt 1960- och 1970-tal, OEI editör (OEI BOOKS #3), 2023 © Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg

Cover and 4 spreads

Allaktivitetshuset Gamla Bro (1969-72)
Mats Eriksson Dunér, Allaktivitetshuset Gamla Bro (1969-72), OEI editör (OEI BOOKS #2), 2023 © Mats Eriksson Dunér

Cover and 2 spreads

OEI # 98-99: Aural Poetics
Ed. Michael Nardone, OEI # 98-99: Aural Poetics, OEI magazine, 2023 © Ed. Michael Nardone

Cover and spread