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My name is Yogesh Maitreya (Wanjari).I am a publisher at Panther's Paw Publication (henceforth PPP) which I have founded in 2016 from my hostel room while I was pursuing my PhD at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. PPP publishes authors from Dalit community which is the most marginalised and the most oppressed community in India. At PPP, I have published 14 books as of now with the support of crowd fund. These books are anti-caste stories (caste is the most cruelest and oldest systematic social structure). I have published translation from four Indian languages into English as well as original English writings by Dalit authors. At PPP, my vision behind publishing writings by Dalit authors is to visibalise the stories of the community which are historically and systematically erased from the public imagination.

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Out of Coverage Area
Dr. Pasunoori Ravinder, Out of Coverage Area, Panther's Paw Publication, 2023 © Dr. Pasunoori Ravinder

This cover image is designed by Shiva Nallaperumal who is one of the brilliant minds in "font design" in the world. This cover art describes the historical and systematic invisibality of the stories of the Dalit community.

A Rebellious Cobbler
Dwarka Bharti, A Rebellious Cobbler, Panther's Paw Publication, 2023 © Dwarka Bharti

This cover image is designed by Shiva Nallaperumal. The Font design on the cover resembles the cuts and carving which a cobbler does with leather while making shoes and chappals.

The Mahar Folk
Alexander Robertson, The Mahar Folk, Panther's Paw Publication, 2022 © Alexander Robertson

This cover image is designed by Shiva Nallaperumal. The Font work manifests the untameable resilience of the ex-untouchable community of Mahars (Dalits) who fought the caste system from time to time and stood solid.