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PrivatePrint is an independent publishing house and a studio for interdisciplinary research and practices in contemporary art and graphic design from Skopje, North Macedonia. Since 2015, PrivatePrint’s practice is dedicated to editing, creating, and supporting artists’ books, art and curatorial research projects, artist’s writings, and related publications. Based on the premise that art and publishing are the perfect match for the democratization of culture, especially in societies where the cultural system is lacking in structure and institutional support, PrivatePrint’s central mission is to disseminate art ideas and to make them easily available, as well as to provide space and platform for better visibility and interaction of emerging artists and artistic practices. The founders and editors-in-chief of PrivatePrint are Marija Hristova and Ilija Prokopiev.
The beauty of transience
Viktorija Poposka, The beauty of transience, PrivatePrint, 2022 © Viktorija Poposka

"The beauty of transience - A Statement of anti-artworks" by Viktorija Poposka skims the artist as not compelled to create—someone who finds herself contemplating existing objects instead of making new ones. This book contains photographic documents of one-off activities and artworks that no longer exist — a story of cleaning the art studio while thinking of anti-art. The action of this book takes place over several days. It is a train of thought expressed through ephemeral and floating words and activities.

Simon Kocjancic, Hideout, PrivatePrint, 2022 © Simon Kocjancic

"Hideout" by Simon Kocjancic comprises a wide selection of photographs made with an analog camera. Taken in different locations or homes, these photographs invite us to see the perspective of a seeker. We see different objects, situations, and arrangements between the various floors and ceilings. At one point, we think that we have grasped a narrative, and then, in the next moment, we lose it again. At another point, all the things shown in the photographs become strange and unfamiliar. We doubt what we see and persistently think that something is hidden and we cannot find it. From the very beginning of the book till the end, we enter different rooms and basements, climb stairs and go down the stairs. Some objects change their locations, and we move from arranged rooms to very chaotic ones. Every picture is unknown territory, and we are unsure whether we grasp the subject matter.

A Small Roma Memory Book
Dzemiliana Abdulova, A Small Roma Memory Book, PrivatePrint, 2023 © Dzemiliana Abdulova

“A Small Roma Memory Book” by Dzemiliana Abdulova is a personal collection of texts, statements, images, and selected cultural activity representative of Roma tradition that the author has grown with, as a young cultural worker. The book contains an author's text by Dzemiliana, including statements from artists, designers, and musicians: Muamed Malikovski, Dzambo Agushev, Amet Jashar, Sami Osman, Simeon Atanasov, Ernest Ibraimovski, Fejme Mustafova, and Hajdar Zekir, and also contains texts by Sevdija Demirova Abdulova, Mirdita Saliu, and Ljatif Demir, as well as a photographic section from the archives of Dzemiliana Abdulova, Sami Osman, Theater Roma, and Muamed Malikovski. The book is bilingual in English and Romani language.