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Prototype is a publisher of fiction, poetry, anthologies, and interdisciplinary projects. With an emphasis on producing unique, beautiful books, Prototype is a home for writers whose work requires a creative vision not offered by mainstream publishers. Recent titles include Incubation: a space for monsters by Bhanu Kapil, Yuri Felsen’s lost modernist novel Deceit (its first English translation by Bryan Karetnyk), and The Boiled in Between, the debut novel by Helen Marten.

Prototype has two associated presses. House Sparrow Press publishes archival/hybrid works, and recently published Derek Jarman’s Through the Billboard Promised Land Without Ever Stopping. Monitor Books specialises in short-form writing by artists and writers in bespoke editions. Monitor titles include the debut poetry collection by Jesse Darling, poetry pamphlets by Edmund Hardy and Mau Baiocco, and texts by artist Carl Gent and theatre-maker Tim Etchells. Forthcoming titles include Autolingo Didactica by Jordan/Martin Hell and Siblings, a collaborative publication by poets Will Harris, Jay Bernard, Mary Jean Chan, and Nisha Ramayya.
Prototype Titles
Prototype Titles, Prototype Publishing, 2023

A selection of our books in our studio. Including:

INTERTITLES: An anthology at the intersection of writing & visual art, ed. Jess Chandlder, Aimee Selby, Hana Noorali, Lynton Talbot (2021)

Strangers Within: Documentary as Encounter, ed. Therese Henningsen & Juliette Joffé (2022)

Monochords, Yannis Ritsos (tr. Paul Merchant) & Chiara Ambrosio (2023)

Through The Billboard Promised Land Without Ever Stopping, Derek Jarman (2022)

Incubation: a space for monsters, Bhanu Kapil (2023)

The Boiled in Between, Helen Marten (2020)

Vehicle, Jen Calleja (2023)

Lori & Joe, Amy Arnold (2023)

Monitor titles
Monitor titles, Monitor Books

A selection of short-form titles published by Monitor Books, including: The Resting Acrobats by Mau Baiocco, Amends by Tim Etchells, VIRGINS by Jesse Darling, Every Cruel Thing by Edmund Hardy, The Balls of Alban by Carl Gent, Twenty-Four Hours by Stephen Watts

Prototype at Bound Art Book Fairr
Prototype at Bound Art Book Fairr, Prototype Publishing, 2022

A book table at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, for Bound Art Book Fair.

Including publications such as:

VIRGINS, Jesse Darling (2021)

Journeys Across Breath, Stephen Watts (2022)

Emblem, Lucy Mercer (2022)

Prototype at Cafe OTO
Prototype at Cafe OTO, Prototype Publishing, 2022

Book Fair at Cafe OTO, London, UK.

Additional publications including:

Common Rest (LP), Holly Pester (2016)

Home, Emily Critchley (2021)

Alphabet poem: for kids!, Emily Critchley, Michael Kindellan, Alison Honey Woods (2020)

Fiction Titles from Prototype
Fiction Titles from Prototype, Prototype Publishing

Titles from Prototype's fiction series: Deceit by Yuri Felsen (tr. Bryan Karetnyk), Our Last Year by Alan Rossi, Vehicle by Jen Calleja, Lori & Joe by Amy Arnold, Pleasure Beach by Helen Palmer,