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Rab-Rab Press is an independent publishing platform based in Helsinki. It publishes Rab-Rab: journal of political and formal inquiries in art and books combining experimental art and leftist politics with scholarly rigour and punk attitude. Rab-Rab’s editorial work and publications expose forgotten and marginalised histories and bring together the work of artists and leftist thinkers. They draw a line between free jazz and communism, zaum and revolution, punk and suprematism. Since 2014, Rab-Rab has published almost thirty titles, introducing the first English translation of Viktor Shklovsky’s children’s book on cinema, Russian Formalists writings on Lenin’s language, Karel Teige’s critique of the art market, Jacques Ranciere’s early analysis of Marx’s writings on the theft of the dead wood, Roman Jakobson’s futurology experiments, the uncensored transcript of Mao Zedong’s discussion with Red Guards, Slovenian Lacanians’ investigations of punk form, Ilya Zdanevich-Iliazd’s lectures on zaum, and Igor Terentiev’s inquiries on sound poetry, as well as presented first-hand documents of New York Art & Language group’s militant period, Peter Gidal’s unpublished manuscript, and introduced forgotten episodes of Archie Shepp in Finland, E. P. Thompson in Yugoslavia, and British experimental musicians in Albania.
bie-bao series
Ilya Zdanevich, Igor Terentiev, bie-bao series, Rab-Rab Press, 2023 © Ilya Zdanevich, Igor Terentiev

Covers of first three volumes of bie-bao series dedicated to the work of Ilya Zdanevich - Ilaizd (the complete set will be of 8 volumes)

Bourgeois with a Heart
Hjalmar Linder, Minna Henriksson, Helen Korpak, Bourgeois with a Heart, Rab-Rab Press, 2023 © Hjalmar Linder, Minna Henriksson, Helen Korpak

Cover of the book Bourgeois with a Heart