RAWS SNDCT – Miss Read


@rawssndct, founded on December 15, 2012, is a photography syndicate based in Bandung, Indonesia. ⁠

The primary objective of RAWS SNDCT is to establish a stable and independent photography ecosystem. By bringing together photographers and enthusiasts, it creates a supportive network that fosters growth and innovation. Additionally, RAWS SNDCT serves as a dynamic laboratory for exploration and research in the field of photography. It encourages experimentation, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and encouraging the development of new techniques and approaches. Through these endeavors, RAWS SNDCT strives to contribute to the overall advancement and sustainability of the photography industry.⁠
Sutrisno Jambul, "Distraction" photobook installation, Gueari Galeri, 2023, © Sutrisno Jambul

"Distraction" is our recent publication. The photobook is a collection of mannequin pieces as a distraction from Sutrisno Jambul's feelings and thoughts, which he had been through for over 15 years.