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Santi Nam

My name is Santi Nam, I am a 2D illustrator and animator. Through my artistic practice, I explore my mixed identity as a queer Chilean-Korean artist and the tensions that arise between the rural context in which I grew up, the biodiversity of the natural habitats of my country, and the effects of the globalized world we live in. My work encompasses a wide variety of media and techniques, ranging from clay illustrations and digital animations to flipbooks and fanzines. I have had the honor of collaborating with other artists and cultural organizations in the creation of publications, events, and exhibitions. Additionally, I have shown my work in various art book fairs in Latin America, the USA, and Europe.
Prints from 2019 Strikes in Chile
Santi Nam, Prints from 2019 Strikes in Chile, La Mano Ediciones, 2019, © Santi Nam

A selection of riso prints created during the protests in Chile that started in 2019, for diffusion on the streets and social media.

A Selection of Zines
Santi Nam, A Selection of Zines, 2017, © Santi Nam

A selection of zines made between 2017 and 2020

T-shirts, Prints, Stickers and more
Santi Nam, T-shirts, Prints, Stickers and more, Various, 2018, © Santi Nam

A selection of different objects and apparel created in the past years, investigations on Native Flora, and Biological Illustrations