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Scheinflut is a graphic design studio, based in Shenzhen China, focused on self-publishing, graphic design and art derivatives. We create with paper as the main material, trying to show the charm of contents and design as well as the interest of thought and art in our works.
at the book fair, a friend
scheinflut, at the book fair, a friend, 2022 © scheinflut

"At the Book Fair, A Friend" was created from what I saw and heard when I participated in various book fairs. When reading begins, it is a two-person world between readers and works. Authors and exhibitors are just matchmakers, connecting readers and works. In the final analysis, the book fair is a blind date between people and books.The page of "At the Book Fair, A Friend" is fully unfolded with three sizes of color blocks, the largest in the work, followed by the reader, and finally the author. The three sizes express the cognition and thinking of the relationship between the three.

scheinflut, 3L&3T, 2021 © scheinflut

"3L" is perceptual, about life, language and love; "3T" is rational, about literature, philosophy and religion.The two zines echo each other and talk to each other.
We use the Risograph with six-color to express the subject variation.The superposition of color misalignment shows the rich layers and multiple aspects of life and human nature.

scheinflut folder
scheinflut, scheinflut folder, 2022 © scheinflut

The “scheinflut folder" series currently has three works, namely "Cracks in Cognition", "Limits of Experience", and "Frontier of Rationality", with the themes of life and love, reading and creation, philosophy and religion.
We picked up and took these thoughts and feelings seriously in the "scheinflut folder" series of works, constantly examining our own different possibilities, and gradually pieced together a more complete appearance of ourselves, and these life fragments that have been classified and archived are also our own Traces of life left in their own way.