Sewfont – Miss Read


Sewfont, a 2D cel animator based in Hong Kong, who enjoy expressing herself by making zine, print-making and animation. She practices to deliver memories and emotions through illustration , symbols of tarot and the form of book.
No One Loves You
Sewfont, No One Loves You, 2023 © Sewfont

《No One Loves You》is about a self-recovery journey after a break-up relationship. Tarot symbols are significantly presented in this zine. The hanged man on the cover represents to surrender in an uncontrollable circumstances.

八尺高蒜 Garl8c
Sewfont, 八尺高蒜 Garl8c, 2022 © Sewfont

《八尺高蒜 Garl8c》is a zine to memorize my 7 dearest friends who rented a studio with me in the past, and to farewell them leaving Hong Kong.

公 Gong
Sewfont, 公 Gong, 2021 © Sewfont

《公 Gong》 is an illustration zine about my friend's cat, Gong.

Tired Bee
Sewfont, Tired Bee, 2023 © Sewfont

《Tired Bee》is a comic about a dream I did during a stressful period.

Test Zine #2
Sewfont, wongmeiyin,graspberrychiaa, midnightdrawer__, florence____l, thisbakery,, Test Zine #2,, 2021 © Sewfont, wongmeiyin,graspberrychiaa, midnightdrawer__, florence____l, thisbakery,

《 Test Zine》is an illustration and comic zine published by, a risograph printing studio in Hong Kong. They invited different illustrator and comic artist from Hong Kong to collaborate in this zine.