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sync.ed (abbr. for sync edition) publishes post-digital printed matter (books and zines), for the most part using print-on-demand and print-at-home methods, that work as poetic devices to reflect upon and unravel technological and material programmings. Bookworks, poetry, and rapid publishing as ways to sync with and destabilize net time.
Will It Run Doom?
Andreas Bülhoff, Will It Run Doom?, sync.ed, 2023 © Andreas Bülhoff

Every frame of a speedrun on Doom's first map layed out on double spreads to adapt the infamous meme to the technology of the book.

Every Book is a House
Andreas Bülhoff, Every Book is a House, sync.ed, 2023 © Andreas Bülhoff

Yesterday, I saw a post on Mastodon about using ChatGPT to make ASCII art. I fiddled around with it for a bit during office hours, prompting it to produce depictions of a book. The results were weird, looking mostly like houses. When I returned home, I made a book. – 03.04.2023

Reading Writing Interfaces: Word
Andreas Bülhoff, Reading Writing Interfaces: Word, sync.ed, 2022 © Andreas Bülhoff

Reading Writing Interfaces is a series of bookifications of the interface elements of famous writing software. This image shows a detail from the book on Microsoft Word.

Bookification Library
various authors, Bookification Library, sync.ed, 2023 © various authors

Bookification Library is an ongoing web-to-print publishing and research workshop. Transfering websites into printed books is the starting point for discussions about web culture, web desing and paradigms of perception bound to different media.

sync zine
Andreas Bülhoff, sync zine, sync.ed // oqbo, 2018 © Andreas Bülhoff

sync zine installation view at Types of Typewriting. Schreibmaschinentexte seit den 1950er Jahren (25.–31.05.2018) at oqbo Berlin