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We Make Books

We Make Books (2022-2023) is an initiative of Goethe-Institut Nigeria that aims at capacity building, international exchange, and networking of small and medium-sized art publishers, editors and writers within/across Africa. To encourage the growing development of, and interest in the contemporary art scene across numerous African countries, the project is primarily focused on the creation and distribution of art books in collaboration with art book publishers, editors, art writers, critics, curators, and galleries across the African continent.
Art from Africa. Its place in our lives and times.
Art Writing and Criticism Workshop, Art from Africa. Its place in our lives and times., Narrative Landscape, 2023 © Art Writing and Criticism Workshop

Cover Image

TJ Benson, Za!, Za! Publishing, 2023 © TJ Benson

The cover image of the second edition of Za! - an art and literature magazine from Northern Nigeria