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Wendy’s Subway

Wendy’s Subway is a reading room, writing space, and independent publisher in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We support emerging artists and writers in making experimental, urgent work and create alternative modes for learning and thinking in community. Wendy’s Subway is dedicated to encouraging creative, critical, and discursive engagement with arts and literature. We prioritize collaboration and horizontal decision-making in our work towards being a responsive and sustainable organization.

Our interdisciplinary program includes free readings, talks, performances, and reading groups, as well as sliding-scale writing workshops and intensives. We offer residencies designed to uplift artistic and scholarly research, archival and library projects, and independent publishing practices. Our multi-series publishing initiative includes artists’ books, poetic texts, and hybrid-genre works by time-based artists. Our non-circulating library holds a collection of over 3,000 titles, ranging from poetry and fiction, to criticism and art books.
Black Body Amnesia: Poems & Other Speech Acts
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Black Body Amnesia: Poems & Other Speech Acts, Wendy's Subway, 2022 © Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

A shiny brown book cover seen from the side, with a darker brown silhouetted of intertwined figures above, and the book's title scattered across the cover.

The Book of Na
Na Mira, The Book of Na, Wendy's Subway, 2022 © Na Mira

A glossy red book, seen from the side, with the book's title and author in clear foil on the cover.

Nico Vela Page, Americón, Wendy's Subway, 2022 © Nico Vela Page

A yellow book seen from the side, with the book's title and author above and below a tipped-in photograph on the cover, and a floral pattern at the bottom center.