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x_x belongs to ¨La Ciudad de lxs Angeles¨ an imaginary place where we choose to live. It is a trail that is done on the go in search of freedom and fun. It is a workshop that is set up with our desire to meet and collaborate. Its inhabitants are monsters, mamarrachos, dissidents, survivors found in different places: Chile, Peru, Argentina, Spain and Germany. But the city of angels rises above borders and summons us to share trips, fairs, exhibitions, murals and other movements around the arts and graphic production.

x_x is the excuse to meet and exchange learning, travel, anecdotes and adventures among friends. It is a small publishing house that has its own riso and screen printing workshop, although due to its itinerant and unstable nature, it also works a lot in borrowed workshops, spaces for friends and reconfigured corners of hostels, borrowed houses, bars or squares. The idea is to tell in a fanciful, colorful and somewhat lying way our passage through this sick and sad world in media such as fanzines, prints, t-shirts, pins, books, etc.
Denizens of darkness
Migue Cruz feat x_x, Denizens of darkness, x_x, 2023 © Migue Cruz feat x_x

Fragment of the fanzine we are working on. It will be printed in RISO and bilingual, accompanied by a poem about dissidents and queer meeting spaces.

Diego Litwiller and Andrea Da Silva, Pluro, x_x, 2022 © Diego Litwiller and Andrea Da Silva
Ariana Jaramillo and X_X, Viajes, X_X, 2022 © Ariana Jaramillo and X_X
Dream House
x_x, Dream House, x_x, 2023 © x_x
Total Thanks
x_x, Total Thanks, x_x, 2024 © x_x