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Youpron is an artistic, feminist and pro-sex house for those who are interested in and question the relationship with pornographic cultures, the links with capitalism and popculture.

Youpron is: a publishing house, a fanzine and a duet of artists who create always in connection with the problematic of pornographic cultures as political acts, videos, stickers, gifs, installations...

Youpron tries to treat with shift and humor, the real place of obscenity today. We are currently preparing the 7th issue of our zine.

For each creation, we invite people, artists, sex workers, journalists, creators, to develop their practice and their point of view as actors or spectators around a theme that we choose in connection with pornographic cultures.

We work on kitsch, misappropriation, cheesiness, "bad" taste and humor to pass on our questions, which have only one goal: to create spaces of freedom, creation and discussions around pornographic cultures, capitalism and intimacy and more broadly around sexualities, trying to bring another look more political, feminist and pro sex.
youpron sporn
youpron, youpron sporn, 2022 © youpron

This new zine takes the form of a handmade dirty Panini album to work out the wetness, the performance whatever it is, the adored softness, the too much or not enough devellopped muscle, the sport classes spent on the bench of the substitutes, the dirty sneakers, the bodies against sweaty bodies of all types.
With Marguerin le Louvier, Luxile Gautier, lawrens_shyboi, Memezouze, Andrée aka Aqua Femme, Pierre Grandclaude, Rebecca Dorothy, Romy Alizée, Table pirate.

Youpron 5 Golden age
youpron, Youpron 5 Golden age, 2021 © youpron

Youpron 5 : GOLDEN AGE
Customized iron box with various supports inside: texts, photos, zines, bags, programs, calendar....
100 ex, printed and made in Doc Paris.

Visuals, photos, texts.... Hector Mosko, Rebecca Dorothy, Youpron, Etainn Zwer, Fabienne Swiatly, Nicole Mersey Ortega, Javier Cerrada, Alizée Pichot, Lawrens Apoline Diaz.

youpron x studio H13, Pornini, 2023 © youpron x studio H13

EVERYTHING IS K.O. is a series of 92 hand-drawn panini vignettes created for the YOUPRON SPORN installation at atelier.panthera, Marseille, July 2022.

A collection of Panini of members of soccer teams or cyclists, which tells us that: sport is more than gendered and that nobody is interested in collecting stickers of so-called "women's" teams, it doesn't interest many people to know that the O.L fem won the Champions Cup in 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 nor that the bikini is no longer compulsory to play beach handball since only 2021, nor even that the FFC decided to upgrade only the flight of male riders for the Worlds in Australia etc. etc.

So we have redrawn over it with our imaginary to us made of "we can't say anything more", of 13.12, of chaos, of K.O and of Sport for all. Humor is a weapon which touches us in the heart then we use it to put in light the real place of obscenity of the world.

Hot and Badass
Youpron x Nicky x Beeeetch, Hot and Badass, 2023 © Youpron x Nicky x Beeeetch

Hot and badass in collaboration with Nicky Lapierre & Nour Beeetch for the Brussels Porn film festival.
64 color pages
Wet, juicy, fierce, horny, hot and badass forever.

youpron, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, 2021 © youpron

"My loneliness is killing me" B. Spears.
Zine made from screenshots taken after long hours on Chaturbate* in search of empty rooms.
*1) Chaturbate is a word-valise made up of chat and masturbate.
2) "Chaturbate is an explicit adult pornography website on which single or multi-person webcam models perform from their homes, usually live via webcam, various shows usually involving nudity, ranging from striptease to masturbation with sex toys, or sexual acts involving one or more people." Wikipedia.