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ABA Air Berlin Alexanderplatz

ABA Air Berlin Alexanderplatz is an artist-run initiative that promotes collaborative approaches to creating art and exchanging knowledge through Salons co-conceived with other artists, researchers, scholars, musicians, or individuals from different fields and institutions. ABA explores unconventional ways of interacting with art, such as the one-hour Radio Salon through Colaboradio on Freie Radios Berlin, the Book Salon in the BOOKSTOP container on Alexanderplatz (HdS), a text(file)-sharing space that allows artists to access curated reading materials and interact with text, and World of Noon (WON) Salons, a program focusing on alternative narratives of environment and sustainability. The activity of ABA consists of the conception, curation and implementation of various events and presentation formats – organising the Salons, promoting artists' publications, supervising a residency program and hosting artist talks (LABs), maintaining the ABA Archive and finally managing the BFSCA (Berlin Field School of Contemporary Art).
Funken Zu Flamen: Artists Research
Susanne Kriemann & Aleksander Komarov, Funken Zu Flamen: Artists Research, Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, 2021 © Susanne Kriemann & Aleksander Komarov

Perhaps this book holds a place in a room, or in the text of another book; perhaps it is in the sound of radio tunes, or in the pc-mouse’s clicking through a blog. It rests for a moment, in between certainty and wonder, to encounter anew what has been edited over ten years; where one’s own voice challenges the noise of the city, where our good friend, the night, pioneered the sun, and sparks turned into flames.


ABA BOOKSTOP at Haus der Statistik, Alexanderplatz

ABA Book Presentation
ABA Book Presentation, 2021

Book presentation of Funken Zu Flammen. Funken Zu Flammen documents 75 Salons in 48 places held by Air Berlin Alexanderplatz between 2010– 2021.

they love the idea of me
Morgane Billuart, Jonas Morgenthaler, they love the idea of me, Self-published, 2023 © Morgane Billuart, Jonas Morgenthaler

they love the idea of me is a catalogue for world-building through objects and artefacts. It’s an invitation to bump into a range of objects such as clothing, decoration, furniture, and household devices that in sum constitute a material topography paradigmatic of our times. Alongside these tangibles, a handful of writers and artists have contributed thoughts and texts that add to the making and meaning of the work. Through sampling, archiving and collaging, our efforts wonder: What makes a good living? What is so tempting about the consumption of image and object? How do we curate our homes, and what symbols do we, knowingly or not, borrow when doing so?

Hoofdweg (a possible line)
Radna Rumping, Hoofdweg (a possible line), 2021 © Radna Rumping