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Belleza Infinita

Founded in Bilbao in 2002, Belleza Infinita (Infinite Beauty) edits and distributes artistic publications, unclassifiable proposals between drawing, photobook, experimental comic, visual essay... Promotes another ways of perceiving, expressing and thinking, with humor, in large print runs and cheap prices for many readers.
Ratos de pasión
Eduardo Sourrouille, Ratos de pasión, Belleza Infinita, 2023 © Eduardo Sourrouille

Photo-essay based on 'A Lover’s Discours: Fragments' book, where Roland Barthes analyzes the phenomenon of love and the amorous subject’s experience. Eduardo Sourrouille dismantles the romance photo-novels' cliches and recreates the representation of love vicissitudes with different protagonists, situations and ways.

Léo Quievreux, Fake, Belleza Infinita, 2020 © Léo Quievreux

International intrigue comic, full of crimes, sex and violence. Readers will recognise characters and situations, and might imagine their own stories while triying to solve the puzzle.

Joan Manel Pérez, Genesis, Belleza Infinita, 2015 © Joan Manel Pérez

The assemblage instructions required to emulate God and create a world. Explained in the graphic language of Ikea. An Allen wrench is included.