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Doooogs is an art book distribution and self-publishing studio based in Berlin and Beijing, offering greater visibility to local culture and art publications. Since 2016, doooogs has focused on cultural exchange between China and Germany by organizing art book fairs and exhibitions in both countries, writing reviews and interviews for art publications. Doooogs presents art books and magazines on urban art, photography, design, illustration and more.
Latent Unicode
Yuya Suzuki, Latent Unicode, Migrant Bird Space, 2023 © Doooogsbooks, Migrant Bird Space

As a collaboration between Migrant Bird Space and Doooogs, this book is not only a collection of Yuya Suzuki's exhibitions and drawings, also as an experiment of art book Research - Currently in print test process, we plan to publish it late April.

The Women Who Stole Fire
Lisha Jiang, The Women Who Stole Fire, Lisha Jiang, 2021 © Lisha Jiang

Men stole fire from the gods and became authority. Now those women want to steal fire from them and gain the control of their mind and body of their own…